Fictional Friday

What else is there? I don't know how to human anymore.

Anonymous asked: When WAS the last time for you?

A good girl never tells…

Anonymous asked: Any thoughts on the works of Bret Easton Ellis?


"The Informers’ has always been among my favorite books.  I heard him read from it in Portland, on tour, and I was hooked.  Doug Coupland once pointed out how Ellis’ cadence is identical to Joan Didion’s so I’ve been fascinated to read their work side-by-side.

Anonymous asked: i couldn't make it to comic con this year :( any chance i can get an advance copy of Beautiful You in florida without entering any contest? i suck at those :/


You dick.  Okay, I have six advance copies with the rare banana cover.   If you contact the Pixie Project in Portland and donate $10 I will send you one.  Tell Amy Sacks your mailing address, and she’ll forward it to me.  Your money will help save the lives of unhappy dogs.

You want the early ( rare ) book, you do the legwork. 

I wish I could win things or see this kinda stuff in time to do it.

Anonymous asked: Did you actually have set with Amaryllis or was that just the first thing that came to mind? :D

I do have a friend “A” and we joke about having sex here and there. I touched her butt this weekend when we went to NIN. I don’t think her fiancé would like me having sex with her.

But really, it was just the first thing that came to mind. Amaryllises are some of my favorite flowers.

Anonymous asked: No offense meant. Just sometimes reading about something life altering may help someone else decide to take a scary step. Plus any situation can be described in very vague terms :) Sorry if my question upset you.

You didn’t upset. You’re too anonymous to do that. I’m just not a fan of repeating myself. Or when others are constantly saying the same thing more than once in a conversation. -sigh-

dakameme asked: How's that Destiny beta?

I’m missing it already. I’m rather surprised they haven’t scheduled another. I took part in like 3 Diablo Betas and 5 ESO ones. But this is just on console so that’s probably the difference.

I am kinda irked that they said you had to participate in something at the last minute to qualify for the emblem. Since I was off to the NIN show I won’t get it :(. Even after all those hours and hard work!

And now to wait over a month for the actual game…

"DIY, destroy what destroys you. DIY, do or die." #attemptingtorelax #legs #tattoo #ribcage #birdcage #trapped #bird #bathtime #soak #rubadub #kmfdm #diy

"DIY, destroy what destroys you. DIY, do or die." #attemptingtorelax #legs #tattoo #ribcage #birdcage #trapped #bird #bathtime #soak #rubadub #kmfdm #diy